Mimir Card in the Works

The Mimir card is fully funded!  Thank you!

So the next cards up will be Njord (almost fully funded, not quite), Sigyn (I’m funding her), Mimir, and Kari (Norse God of the North Wind). 

Though it will be awhile before the images are finished let alone ready to send to the printer, I’ve commissioned personal icons of the Goddesses Flora, Pietas, and Pudicitia and when they are ready, I’ll be turning them into prayer cards as well (with the artist’s blessing — thank you, Wayne!). So stay tuned.

Shoot me an email at krasskova at gmail.com if you’re interested in contributing to these or any forthcoming cards (for the ones posted here, the cost is only that of printing). 

I”m also making a list of the suggestions people have been posting here as to what Deities you’d like to see depicted on prayer cards. It might take me awhile to work through them all, but we’ll get there. 




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