CFS for Flora Devotional (yay!!!!)

I’m so excited about this, folks. Neve Antheus is doing a devotional anthology to the Goddess Flora. Here is the call for submissions — if any of you honor Her, please consider contributing something. Y’all can contact Neve directly at neveantheus at This is the very generous polytheist who did that beautiful offering for my mom on her anniversary. He’s doing a huge amount of work restoring the cultus of Flora. Check this out: 

Call for Submissions for [Untitled so Far] Flora Devotional by Neve

“Hi Friends! I wanted to write to invite you to participate in a new collective project: a yet to be titled anthology honoring the Floral Deities, spirits, and Flower Heroes. This project began when I was called to write devotionally for Flora, and to explore Her historical cult and work to revive it in the present. Since then, the concept for the book has expanded to be an exploration of the interweaving relationships between the floral Deities, Heroes apotheosized as Flowers, individual plant spirits, and ourselves (with particular attention paid to the retinue of entities worshiped in modern expressions of Bacchic Orphic religion).

After years of working as a florist, and eventually coming to know the Deities who work through flowers, I’ve come to recognize flowers as a subtle yet incredibly powerful way that ancient polytheistic and animistic relationships survive into the present. Flowers are wholly irrational within a mechanistic, materialist worldview, and yet they remain so important to so many of us. By their magic we express our desires, show our love, and seal our relationships. We give them as powerful healing tools to the sick and sorrowful. We offer them selflessly to our dead. We have used them as a dense and complicated system of secret language. Some of us have even learned to speak with them directly. They are allies, medicines, oracles, memorials, sacrifices, and expressions of the divinities enmeshed in our world.

Sannion recently wrote that, “We affirm the existence of a multitude of divinities including Gods, Daimones, Nature Spirits, Cosmic Forces, Divinized mortals, Heroes, the Dead and an assortment of other beings of varying power and importance. We further affirm that these entities exist within a complex network of relationships both with each other and with us, and that these relationships are strongly reciprocal.” My intention is for this anthology to be a contribution toward that affirmation; an exploration of the relational dimension of our worship, the relations between these entities, and how we might work plant magic as a way to build those relationships.

I’d be particularly excited if anyone from this community felt enthusiastic about participating in shaping or contributing to this project. I would love to see contributions that explore any of the Floral Entities, especially focusing on the stories of and devotional writing for Dionysos Antheus, Flora, Chloris and other Nymphs, Aphrodite Antheia, Ariadne, Apotheosized Flower Heroes, Persephone, Hekate, Orpheus. I would also welcome submissions about the practical working of plant magic, flower essences, secret flower languages, as well as analysis of ancient flower festivals and rites from a polytheist perspective. Tentatively, I would love to have submissions by the start of Floralia, (April 28th). If you’re interested in contributing or participating, please let me know! ” — Neve

“I was about to inquire why these shows had greater lewdness and more permissive play, but it came to me that this deity is no prig: the gifts of the goddess frame our pleasures. Drinkers encircle their brows with plaited crowns, burnished tables hide under rose showers. Tipsy guests dance with linden wreaths in their hair, as wine coaxes indiscretion and skill. Tipsy lovers serenade a pretty girl’s hard door, while delicate chains dress their scented hair. No business is conducted with garlanded brows, no one scarfed with flowers drinks pure water. While no one mixed you, Achelous, with the grape, gathering roses lacked all attraction. Bacchus loves flowers. Bacchus’ pleasure in the wreath can be known from Ariadne’s star. Light theatre suits her. Do not, believe me, do not rank her with the tragic-booted goddesses. Indeed the reason why a crowd of whores packs these shows is not difficult to find. She is neither one of the glum set nor a snob; she wants her rites open to the plebs, and warns us to use life’s beauty as it blooms.” – Ovid, Fasti



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