Njord by Grace Palmer

Update: this card is fully funded. Thank you!


The Njord card (by Grace Palmer) is finished. Y’all have been great with the fundraising — thank you. I still need to raise $100 to finish paying for this one. If I can raise half of that, i’ll donate the last fifty myself. Anyone able and willing to donate? You’ll get a number (6) of free cards. 

njord painting2x4


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  1. That is just absolutely beautiful!!! Such gorgeous work and detail!


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    This is beautiful! Let’s do this, for the Van-father!


  3. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this prayer card, but I find it to be quite pleasing, may the funds to finish it be swift in the offering.


  4. This may seem a foolish question, but is Njord traditionally associated with salmon? There is a good chance that I’ve just missed some well known tale there and I know certain other Northern deities have associations with salmon (Loki comes to mind). I’m curious because I’ve come to associate Him with salmon but just figured that was a ‘fit’ that made sense rather than being anything in the existent mythology.


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