Fundraising for the Next Card.

UPDATE: The Njord card is fully funded. Thank you, Everyone! It’ll be available in about a week.

Now i’m seriously fundraising for Pan’s card. Thanks to those of you who’ve already donating. We’ve raised about $60 toward the card. That leaves $340 to go). Help!! ^_^


The next prayer cards in progress are one for Antinous (fully funded) and, based on your requests, one for the Greek God Pan. 

I will cover the printing ($50) for Pan’s card,  but I need to fundraise the other $400 for the art itself. If anyone is moved to donate, please contact me at krasskova at or paypal to tamyris at 

In return, anyone who donates will receive six free prayer cards (six of your choice). If you donate $25 or more, you will receive a subscription for one year to Walking the Worlds journal. 

Let’s get this done, folks. 🙂 


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