Dionysos Devotional: Taking Pre-Orders

Very soon (I’ve finished the manuscript today), I will be offering a very limited edition pocket devotional to Dionysos. Only 18 of these will be printed. Each one will be personalized, signed, and will include a Dionysos prayer card.

Fifteen  seven of them are for sale (Two have already been claimed and I’m keeping one for myself). I am offering them now for a discounted price of $20 plus $5 shipping and handling. I am taking pre-orders as of today. (Once they are ready and printed, I’ll put the remainder on my etsy shop full price).

If you are interested, contact me at Krasskova at gmail.com. these are first come first serve.

Next in line, hopefully will be my Hermes devotional. I’m plugging away at it, folks!


(image by W. McMillan)



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