New Card Fundraiser

Ok. The next card will be Airmid. (spelling? help, Celtic people).  I need to raise $400 to pay my artist. I”ll pay for the printing of this one myself. If anyone would like to donate, here are the perks: 

anything under $100 and you will receive six cards of your choice, plus a setting of lights (for yourself, or one of your ancestors). 

Over $100 and you receive all of that plus a year subscription to Walking the Worlds journal. 

If you are interested in donating, you may do so by pay paling me at BUT please note which card this is for! 

If you have questions, go ahead and email me at krasskova at 


Also, feel free to distribute this. Please, let’s get this done. I haven’t seen anything for this Goddess and i would very much like to see us bring a devotional image for Her into the world. 

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  1. Airmid is correct; it is also seen as Airmed.

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  2. songofscotland

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    I will be donating for this card myself, as I owe Airmid a great deal for her favour towards me. I would appreciate if others donated towards her as well!


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