Airmid’s Card and fundraising

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Airmid card so far (Jonathan, Courtney, Andrea, Chris, and Kelly). This is a huge help and I really appreciate it. 

I think it is important to bring images of our Gods into being. They’re little windows through which the Gods can touch us in mind, heart, and spirit. They help turn our minds to the Gods in contemplation. They’re beautiful and things for our Gods should be, if possible, pretty. I want to fill the world with images of our Holy Powers, a thousand and one to replace each one damaged and destroyed when our traditions were sundered. 

So far, for Airmid we have raised $100. That leaves $300 to go. Please consider helping if you can. 


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  1. Just as an FYI: I have seen some images of Airmed before, as Erynn Rowan Laurie–my friend, colleague, and co-religionist–is a major devotee of hers, and she had one framed over her shrine for Her…I think it might have been by Jim Fitzpatrick (who, if you haven’t seen his work before, is a popular modern Irish artist, but isn’t a polytheist to my knowledge, though his art gets used a lot by polytheists and pagans).

    But in any case, it’s still good to have MORE, since she’s still not that well-known. (Nor are her siblings, one of whom is Lug’s father!) However, I might refrain from saying more about them now, lest further prayer cards become necessary as a result! 😉


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