Nine for Mani

We praise You, Son of Mundilfari, Who brushes through the currents of time as though they though were finely spun silk.
We praise You, Brother of the Sun, gleaming and glorious, as fair as Your sister Sunna and as powerful.
We praise You, scimitar wielding Warrior; with You watching over us, we have nothing to fear.
We praise You, oh Helmsman of the Ship of Night, ever constant in Your journeys.
We praise You, Heavens’ Rider, fleet and fierce, and almost too beautiful to gaze upon.
We Praise You, Beloved of Unn, quixotic and sensual, the Two of You set the worlds singing.
We praise You, Magus of the Heavens, You were, before the Worlds were crafted.
We praise You, Ornament of Night, Your loveliness compels the heart and You evoke devotion.
We Praise You, Mani, with Your jangling beads, alluring mien, and Your compassion.

Oh, Incandescent fire.
Oh, Radiant Pearl of night.
Oh, Sweetness beyond measure.
Oh, Enchantment of the Heavens.
Oh, Ancient Dancing Warrior.
Oh, Lustrous Prince of Time.
Oh, Source of Mystery.
Oh, Wondrous Wanderer.
Oh, Gleaming God of the Moon.
Ever and always do Your people praise You.


(image by Grace Palmer)


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