Further Updates on How We’re All Fascists

Several other voices have weighed in on Rhyd’s recent article at Radicals with Gods, and yes, for those of you who had any doubt that Rhyd Wildermuth was behind it, he admitted his obvious authorship in the comments of John Beckett’s post. Give how he’s been vague blogging passive aggressive attacks about people who practice their ancestral polytheisms (without ceding power to him instead of the Gods), I was not surprised. I’d been expecting this for awhile. Still, there are many in the polytheistic community at least who see through his self serving rhetoric.

John Beckett chimed in this morning here.

“This article associates many of our most meaningful and vibrant traditions with some of the most vile ideologies lurking at the edges of our community. It’s no wonder many Pagans and Polytheists who have read this piece are upset. It’s a call for ideological purity reminiscent of McCarthyism, and if taken too far (and someone somewhere always takes things too far) it can lead to witch hunts. The irony of witches leading witch hunts would be amusing if this wasn’t so serious.”

Wyrd Dottir expresses her outrage here.

“But because we just refuse to allow those outside our religious tradition to define our practices for us, we are now fascists, and dictators.”

As does Selena Rifkin here.

“I’ve met plenty of Druids, Re-constructionists, Devotional Polytheists, and Dianics and not one of them advocated for the mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state.

The word “troll” comes to mind.”

We need every voice in this. Even if you are scared or dread the backlash, that is all the more reason to speak up. I will fight for you and for our traditions till my dying breath but it takes more than a handful of voices to make a difference in the face of such perniciously foul rhetoric. Make your voices heard too. It’s your traditions under attack, after all.







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  1. Not only have I personally boycotted Radicals with Gods, not that I was a fan of the site as a whole to begin with, I am taking it a step further and I am un-subscribing from the blogs of some of the people who are a part of of said Radicals with Gods.

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  2. Virginia Carper

    Rhys and Alley responded by telling us to essentially to soak our heads. We are too emotional to discuss this. Right and they are the paragons of calmness and serenity. Bull crap.

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    • ganglerisgrove

      Of course. This is not new. We’re facing the mindset of colonizers. this has been building for awhile. they’re just more explicit about it now than they have been in the past. Implying that we are too emotional is condescending, demeaning, and another way of shutting down the conversation.

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    • “You’re too emotional” is a well-known silencing tactic of the privileged.


  3. Well folks, looks like i’m coming out of “retirement.” Four parts going live on my blog about this starting Sun anyone wants to come learn, read, and spread >:)

    and we thought the Halstead War was going to be the big thing.

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