When they tell you to be silent, ask “Cui Bono?”

Apparently polytheists are not permitted to be angry at attacks on their traditions. If we object when our traditions are attacked, we are “too emotional,” “over-reacting,” and “need to cool off.” This is condescending, demeaning, and most importantly of all a power play. It’s a way of shutting down the conversation and attempting to render us mute. Think about that and think about why.

Nor is this surprising. This is a technique as old as colonialism; and this type of thing has been building for months with the Radicals with Gods cabal.


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  1. Virginia Carper

    Being called a fascist will make one angry. Being told we are too emotional is what is said to women to shut them down. So the people who have come to enlighten us and show us how to check our privilege tells us we are too emotional.

    YOU WANT EMOTION. Here it is.
    As someone who grew up with anarchists and was followed by the F.B.I., GO SUCK EGGS.
    You’re doomed to failure.

    As for me, I don’t need to reworld my Gods. They live in my home, They smell my cooking, They eat my Cherrios offerings. They are already here with me.

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  2. Tell me to be silent?

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  3. Out of all the pain and anger this is causing, I am glad for one thing…that I am able to see by their reactions who truly cares about the gods and their people. I know who I want to build community with.

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  4. This has inspired me to create my well-overdue Pagan spirituality blog. It needs a fuller response to that article, but it is a start. I’ve been away for way far too long! I find the overweening assumptions and all the rest to be inaccurate — and thus degrading, wrong, and well, JUST wrong.

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