The Culture War Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Heathen Wayland Skallagrimsson weighs in on the conflict here, bringing up quite a few salient points about traditional religion while he’s at it. Wayland, bravo. i could not agree with you more.

read the whole thing here:

A couple of years ago I published an essay to this blog titled “The Culture War: One Heathen’s Perspective.” Events in the last couple of years have pushed me to revisit the topic, and take up some…

Source: The Culture War Part Two: Electric Boogaloo


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  1. ganglerisgrove

    “This is the other thing that has been bugging me over the last couple of years: an increasing tendency to put the gods last. Wildermuth’s group at Gods & Radicals seem to be putting politics first, and using the gods only as a means of furthering their own political agenda. They are trying to open up a new front on the culture war: setting up their form of pagan belief as the One True Way, and purging all wrong-thinking elements from pagan society. They are pagan cultural imperialists. This kind of blind, unthinking, pagan cultural imperialism is privileged bullshit. This kind of pagan crypto-fascism needs to be stopped.”

    THIS. this is precisely what i’ve been saying for months if not years now. WAyland is spot on.

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  2. I see this with the Anti-Theist crowd. They are just as bad as the Evangelical Christians they profess to want to destroy. Not to mention the need to paint all of Religion like the Evangelical Church.

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  3. Here’s something that will bake your noodle. What’s the difference between Wildermuth using “Paganism” to push his political ideology and someone say…Osama bin’Ladin who used Islam to push his?


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