Musings on Mani

I’ve been thinking of Mani tonight. Friends of Mani has been sharing prayers and thoughts on Him and I’ve had my mother’s initial thoughts on this God running through my head ever since. She was so wise in the ways of devotion; I wanted to ask her thoughts on our moon God when I was writing my first book for Him. I wanted to include something from her because she had a way of stilling herself and reaching for the essential core of truth in all the ways of being with the Gods. I wanted to know what she would say and she gave me a brief description written in her elegant hand that changed the way I looked at Mani forever. I’ve included it in my most recent devotional to Mani too, as well as that first book, but I am moved to share it with you here tonight.

this is by Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza:

Mutti on Mani

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  1. It’s a very beautiful poem. I read it when I do my Monday night ritual for Mani.

    Your Mom also had beautiful handwriting. 🙂


  2. It takes my breath away to see the image here of the original manuscript. What beautiful, pure handwriting she had. May her memory be a blessing.

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