Through a Mirror Darkly Part 3

I’ll take the ideals and traditions of my Gods over some human centered pseudo egalitarian “Utopia” that caters inevitably to the lowest common denominator any day.

Rhyd and his colleagues are self professed Marxists. We have plenty of examples in the 20th century for how that goes and how little Marxism serves human rights.

Anyway, here’s another post from Helson deconstructing Rhyd’s patheos piece. Check it out at the link below:

Son of Hel

Carrying on with Rhyd trying to defend himself with all the dodging power of Neo and all the success of Tom the Cat, we move on to the next part.

Leftist Infiltration

Some of the criticisms are related to a broader conversation regarding my work and that of Gods&Radicals. From John Beckett’s piece:

“Rhyd and his compatriots at Gods & Radicals put their politics first, and that’s fine. But some of us put our Gods first. Or we put Nature first. Or we put our magic first. Or we put our families and our communities first. And some of us agree with their diagnosis of the world’s ills but strongly disagree with their prescription. The acceptance of the genuine existence of many Gods or the reverence of Nature does not lead directly to the conclusion that Marxism and anarchy are the only or even the best approaches to politics.”

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