Oh look: Rhyd is disrespecting veterans, not for the first time shitting on the men and women who serve in the military. Why am I not surprised that this man who has never served himself, sees nothing wrong with condemning those who do.

In his article, he calls veterans and soldiers  “hired murderers” and when asked in the comments if he felt that way about the men who saved our ancestral lands from Nazis in WWII he responded: “War is when groups of people murder each other. All the narratives of ‘nobility,’ ‘duty’,’service,’ and the pretty archetype of ‘warrior’ are just romantic ways of getting the murderers and their communities to be okay with it all.”

Classy, Rhyd.

It’s especially egregious coming from someone who claims to be an advocate for the homeless. A terrible percentage of veterans end up homeless upon their return from service. Our nation is apparently perfectly fine with sending them off to die, but not so down with taking care of them once they return. At least 11% of the adult homeless population is comprised of veterans, and almost half of that is made up of young African American and Hispanic men.

You don’t have to hate the men and women who serve just because you have leftist politics. Look at Selena Fox and the amazing work Circle Sanctuary has been doing – for years—with our veterans.

Once again, Rhyd is targeting a vulnerable population. Do we see a pattern, anyone?









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  1. songofscotland

    I swear this guy just gets scummier by the day.

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  2. I read the piece and the discussion.

    My impression: I was reliving the 1960s, when people called service people, “baby killers.” I thought I was reading SDS rhetoric. Same brittleness, same rigidity. (Yes, I am that old to have experienced the 1960s in all their awful, upheavic glory.)

    His remark about the homeless puzzled me. I asked my husband who daily greets and meets his homeless friends on the way to and from work, what they thought if they had a social worker like that. They thought he was in the wrong line of work. They didn’t care as long as they had a warm place to sleep that was all theirs. Sleep without fear or interruption was what they desired the most. They rejoiced when someone got housing, and could just do that. So I guess the homeless in Washington D.C. have a different perspective on what they expect from their social workers.

    One thing that struck me, was again how angry and how brittle the comments and piece was. I also, remembered by from my own advocacy work, that pissing off people who have the potential to help your cause is the last thing you do. Not the first. To get change means working with powerbrokers, who may piss you off, but you have to grease the wheel to get them to cooperate. Actually to get action, you need both – direct protests, and deal making.

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  3. As a veteran myself, I can say Rhyd has absolutely no understanding of how the military actually functions. His opinion is worthless.

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  4. As a veteran of the U.S. Army(87-95) all I can do is shake my head and sigh. I’m too tired of anger. But, as service members, we do swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution, including the First Amendment. I can only wonder if Mr. Wildermuth would allow such a thing as freedom of speech in his revolution.

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  5. My son is in the Navy in the Seattle area. He was speaking directly about my son. My son, who is certainly not a “hired murderer”, and neither are all the other honorable men and women who have served their countries/societies throughout history. These comments were shameful and shameless. I used to enjoy his articles on occasion. Lately I am seeing a very different and ugly side.

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    • ganglerisgrove

      Natalie, I’m the daughter and granddaughter of veterans. his comment made me sick and I’m sorry you had to read them. My prayers for your son and his continued safety.

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      • Thank you Galina. I was the one who commented on his post asking about the Nazi’s. His response was reprehensible and so I chose to move on from the conversation. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of others. And thank your ancestors for their service.


  6. ganglerisgrove

    It was that response that made me write this post. A friend sent the link to me and i sat here reading opened mouthed.

    thank you…

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  7. All right, he wasn’t born when I was in South Korea when we went DEFCON 4/5 back in 1976. He’s just a mealy-mouthed, piece-of-oily-sludge coward. BTW, we are in all probability at that same level right now and have been for well over 6 months (experience does count when I say that — Korea is a time-bomb). We have members from ALL branches of the Armed Forces over there — please keep them in your prayers.

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  8. I felt compelled to make my own comment on his post, let’s hope the yellow-belly actually allows it to post in his comments. Probably not, though. Lords know how biting I can be when baselessly insulted.


  9. Gods, this guy is really pissing me off. And fyi, I’ve been homeless twice. This asshole doesn’t speak for me.


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