Only a few more days…

Only a few more days until the deadline for submissions to Issue 4 of Walking the Worlds. The deadline is May 1. 



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  1. Well, crap. I don’t know if I can get a submission written in time. Having just read the main request post, I’m thinking of doing a long post for working with spirits as I do on the Astral.


    • ganglerisgrove

      the topic for this issue is polytheism and philosophy, so as long as your piece was in that ballpark, we’d consider it.


      • Ah. That wasn’t mentioned anywhere. I saw the scope of topics for the main WtW post and thought…. Well, you can tell what thinking gets me. lol


  2. ganglerisgrove

    The topics are listed on the site. I might save the article that you suggested for an upcoming one. If you can tie it at all into ecstatic practices that is our summer topic.


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