A good article on sacral leadership

There is an excellent article on sacral leadership by Jon Upsal’s Garden here. This article likewise references one by Kiya Nichol on sacral kingship Kemetic style, which is also worth a read. 

I think my only quibble with the aforementioned Heathen article is that in the selection of a sacral leader from a pool of candidates at Thing, I think that divination would have played a part. It was the Gods Who would have had ultimate and final say on who should be the sacral leader (Jon Upsal rightly points out that there are more types of sacral leader than just ‘king’). I think this is the part we most often get wrong today. We make it a solely human-centric thing, and give the Gods and our specialists (like seers and diviners) no part in the process. But we’re learning and often by failing we gain important insights that bring us that much closer toward doing this thing well. 

That being said, Jon’s article nicely notes that there are mysteries associated with sacral leadership and they are important. There’s a *sacral* aspect to it that cannot be ignored. 

I’ve been meaning to write more on sovereignty and sacral leadership but this is finals time at school and it’s been a bit hectic. Perhaps when this term is over, I’ll be able to get that piece together. 

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  1. Well, in my defense, I didn’t really get into the mechanism of the choice at thing (purposefully). The various parliamentary and sacral activities that go into the selection are… complex, as you allude to.

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    • Galina, please delete the comment above. If I read things in the proper sequence . . .


      • ganglerisgrove

        I don’t mind letting it stand if you don’t. it might be beneficial to have the Kemetic link parsed out. not everyone will take the time to read Jon’s piece after all. doesn’t hurt to repeat the link he shares.


  2. Well, OK, it’s your blog . . . I just felt silly, even though I had come to the Kemetic piece through a different route before seeing that it also inspired Jon’s post.


    • ganglerisgrove

      I almost posted the link separately myself when i shared JOn’s piece, so i’m actually really glad you did. no need to be embarrassed! 🙂


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