Some Thoughts on Gadhimai

very good article that was first posted about a year ago. It talks about the western depredations on traditional Indian and Nepalese polytheism and how this is relevant to our polytheistic traditions too.

this is important: it’s always our holiest of rites, the one that cements our relationship to the Gods that is targeted first. it’s happening now with the ATR (a sickening animal “rights” group A.R.M. is fomenting an assault on our ways) and there’s even a petition to attempt to force the EU to ban all animal sacrifice. It’s always coming from Westernized, secularized fools. I worry, as do many others, that our communities are not ready to adequately fight off these assaults.

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Today I will reblog something I wrote myself almost a year ago before I started blogging for myself again. It was originally posted on the 31st of July, 2015, on a blog which I shared with Galina Krasskova (Gangleri’s Grove) and Tess Dawson (Canaanite). This blog has since been put on private and is only visible to me, Galina, and Tess, because the project never really got off the ground. Therefore, I am now reproducing the blog post below, having made some grammatical and stylistic edits, as well as a few places where I formulated things differently.

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  1. ganglerisgrove

    these temples and festivals should NEVER be under the control of polluted filth who have caved to western secularism, and who think themselves progressive. They should be under the management of those who actually venerate the Gods and give a shit about their traditions. This is sickening. I hope those who venerate Gadhimai triple the sacrifice at the next festival in violation of this idiotic ban. Let the blood of worthy sacrifices flow now and always.

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  2. If you are talking about ARM, itself, the group in Florida, Ochani Lele at his blog and FB page have uncovered a lot of damaging information about them. There are people in Florida who practise African Traditional Religions who are being forced to defend themselves against ARM. Lele has more particulars if you contact him.

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