Trigger Warning!!! ;)

I never thought the day would come when I found myself agreeing with Rhyd Wildermuth and the Gods&Radicals crowd.

However, reading the latest from Dr. Bones, a “Conjure, Rootwork, and Hoodoo practitioner who blogs at Disinfo:

We vagabonds, we tortured, we bottom of the pyramid say YES! But among the magical folk there are those who do not share our vision, fools who either deny they have been lied to or greedily devour those same lies and lose their Unique. Do you want to know the truth? Those fools that would deny the pain that has forged your very existence, would doubt that there are MILLIONS of us, that would disbelieve every fact, figure, and statistic you might give them revealing that each and every injury is something SYSTEMIC and NOT ISOLATED, all while remaining wedded to a dying ideology, are in fact OUR GREATEST ALLIES! Their indifference only fans the flames of fury in our hearts, dear Reader. Their indifference allows the cancer to spread and forces more souls to be raked across the coals of Capitalism! And it is this suffering, this pain, that is our greatest gift, for in it all the lies The Blind Ones still stutter are instantly burned to cinders! Before we became well-read, before we found our philosophers, we knew our path: our politics rose from indignation, our theories from nightmares of insignificance, and our dreams built on struggles of Insurrection!

I’m beginning to think they might be Right:

Our Decadent Society: New Right theorists criticise modern civilization as being in a state of ‘decay.’ They tend to be heavily anti-Modern and sometimes anti-civilisationist, believing that society needs to return to a more noble, healthy, and ‘natural’ order. Our Lost and Despoiled Lands: “Blood and Soil” is a crucial aspect of New Right thought, though this takes many forms. Regarding ‘soil,’ there is a tendency towards Nationalist identity through relationship to land (European lands, primarily) and the desire to protect it from foreigners. Also, they tend to co-opt Indigenous and First Nations language regarding sovereignty without actual alliance with post-colonial and anti-colonial politics. Our Great Threat: The New Right creates group identity and coherence through focusing on external human threats. Immigrants and particularly Muslims are the primary ‘enemy at the gates’ in European New Right movements, as in North America.

That shit’s dangerous and we really should keep a vigilant watch against it in our communities.

I also heartily agree with Crystal Blanton when she writes:

When people from privileged cultures or backgrounds attempt to dictate what is and is not cultural appropriation versus cultural exchange, they are reinforcing the imbalance of power that has continued to steal the voice from people of color throughout history. The best people to speak on the use of their cultural treasures are those who struggle in systems that erase them.

I wonder if we’ll get more insightful commentary like that at her presentation at Many Gods West.

Or Rhyd’s session on how to Fascism:

For most the term fascism has become a hollow snarl word, an expression of enormous disgust and opposition. Across society the word is used freely and without understanding for what it actually means.

Perhaps someone who can afford the steep registration fees will report back for us?

I also wonder if C. Thompson will be attending, considering their apparent disagreement:

Did…did he just snark at how Rhyd constantly talks about his impoverished upbringing? Holy shit, I think he did. I think Chris here really did just fire off a shot a Rhyd. Rhyd constantly talks about his impoverished upbringing and how it drove him to Marxism and anti-capitalism. And it kinda looks like Chris just told him to shut up about it. Damn, talk about breaking the shieldwall.

C. Thompson has a history of trying to shout down those he disagrees with, just like his Antifa friends did at a public speaking engagement in Canada:

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  1. Well, as for trigger warnings – I have a very specific trigger – objects falling from the sky. It comes from nearly dying from being crushed by a falling wall. The other day, someone on FB posted a humourous cartoon about wanting a meteor to come to put everyone out of their misery for the U.S. 2016 election. Of course, I reacted. A part of my therapy was to *learn to walk outside Without a Helmet*. So what did I do with such a trigger, I used my training on how to calm myself. In other words, it was up to me to deal with my trigger, not the rest of the universe.

    Blood and soil? I guess that leaves the numinists out and cast them as enemies of the State.

    Impoverished backgrounds. I think if we all got together in a room, we could hold the Horror Olympics. I mean your husband wrote about dealing with his early life, you have, I have alluded to mine, and there are others who could probably win Gold Medals. The point is what do we do with our Horror – do we wear like a badge of honour, or a martyr’s crown? Do we deal with it as a fact of our lives, put a period at the end, and move on. Do we live in the past? These things determine our characters as well as our present and futures.

    Could someone translate for this TBI person, Rhyd’s writing. I am sorry my brain is not good at foreign languages.

    As for decolonising Paganism and Polytheism, I do understand Paganism since Wicca and the like are based on British ideas and expanded to be specifically Western European in outlook. But Polytheism? How do you decolonise that?

    Two things have struck me. One is that once you fall down the Social Justice well, that becomes your reality. It is the prism from which everything is judged and viewed. Most of the time, the rest of us come off lacking. It is also quite judgmental as well.

    Two, many Pagans do not seem to have the vocabulary to understand religion and religious concepts. They think they know and understand religion since they are imbued with secular Protestantism, which is not religion. The spiritual but not religious comes from this idea. Also, combining religion and politics comes from this.

    I have a review copy of “Godless Paganism,” and have been reading the essays. I am struck by the lack of religious vocabulary and knowledge. Quite a few of the writers are actually numinists, but don’t see that. Others believe that only religious rituals can give them what they need. Before Godless Communism took hold in the 1950s, the U.S. had powerful civic rituals which did not include religion. A civic ritual such as affirming citizenship can be more affirming that a religious ritual of a religion that you state you don’t believe in.


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