Triggly Puff: the Celtic Edition

Well, I guess I won’t be posting about Chris Thompson anymore. This is how his side operates: you disagree with them and they threaten you with lawyers or cops. Funny how it’s the anarcho-communists who are the first ones to rush to authority. Fine, i don’t need to play this game, but remember this the next time you engage with Chris Thompson.

He can’t argue. he can’t take criticism, and he will resort to threats to shut down anyone who disagrees with him but fortunately for his fragile sense of self worth, I have a wider agenda and he is largely irrelevant.

Here’s his email to me as of this morning:

“Galina, this is Chris Thompson. I know you don’t have any respect for me or my work, but I’m contacting you because you are promoting Son of Hel’s posts about me. His new post this morning includes the line “none of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated.” I consider this a direct threat to my life and I intend to take appropriate precautions. I’m quite sure this blowhard won’t do anything himself, but if his words reach some lunatic in my local area they might act on his threats. If you continue to promote this series, I will consider you responsible personally for endangering my safety and the safety of my family. I have two little girls and I am their primary caregiver. If anyone comes after me because of this, the responsibility of it is on you, as this loser had basically no readership until you started sharing his posts. There is a line, and it has just been crossed.” (from Chris Thompson)


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  1. Many of the articles at G&R written by him and others promote violence against those who would disagree with them? I take his and Rhyd’s articles personally since I am disabled and cannot readily defend myself given my brain injury. I can’t think fast enough and have seizures when in peril. Should I write to G&R about if anything happens to me by someone inspired by their articles? Can I sue them? I will have have ask my lawyer (I have an attorney on retainer) about this. I am serious about this and will hold them responsible if I am attacked because of my Polytheism and vocal stance against what they write.

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  2. songofscotland

    How is it that it’s okay for him to post inflammatory material encouraging people to riot and be violent, but as soon as others take issue with that it’s suddenly a threat to his life?

    Madness. Sheer madness.

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  3. thetinfoilhatsociety

    You are actually letting him bully and threaten you into silence???? Any numbskull who actually *reads* Lucius’ article (and Chris’ that it is responding to) will see who it actually is that asked for it. (hint: it’s not you, nor Lucius, nor Joe, nor anyone else reblogging their stuff).


    • ganglerisgrove

      Oh i’ll continue sharing any damned link i like. LOL. have no fear. being bullied into silence is simply not in my nature.

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  4. When I got to the part about him just being a dad, I thought he sounded sincere. But, then I wondered why this same love and concern hasn’t stopped him from pushing and provoking others. It’s like going around starting fights, and when someone bites back going “whoa! I’ve got kids, I’ve got kids.”

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    • He wrote about leaving his children with other people, whilst he travelled to disrupt a Trump rally. I would think he would be in greater danger of being killed or harmed trying to do that.

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  5. I rather enjoyed Son of Hel’s post…

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  6. Sending me that kind of email would only result in me ignoring their wishes after a brief chuckle and doing that thing they want me to stop doing even more.

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  7. Where are you seeing any threat of lawyers or cops in the email you quoted?


    • ganglerisgrove

      Bravo. you are only the second person to read this and ask that question. To be fair though, in the current climate such threats can be implied, as I believe he was attempting to do here, and moreover as they were on his facebook which was quoted here: It doesn’t take much these days.


      • On the Facebook screenshot you linked to, Christopher Thompson wrote, “I don’t do anything through the authorities, as that would be against my principles,” in response to someone else suggesting going to the authorities. So I don’t think he’s threatening you with legal action, for what it’s worth.


  8. This is so similar to the bullying behaviour of Niki, et al of the Many Gods West conference who threatened to bring down federal agents on your spouse. When people decide to become “Thought Police” (remember 1984?) they invariably turn this way. I have a deep mistrust of “neo-pagans” and their ilk, highlighted on Morgan’s Living Liminally blog post today.

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  9. ganglerisgrove

    Heathen Chinese, i didn’t really care. it was the gross hypocrisy that annoyed me.


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