Answer to a Question I Received This Morning

I wasn’t going to write about this, but I received a rather heart breaking question in my fb message box this morning and for some reason I am unable to respond to it on fb. It’s the type of question that I very much feel requires a response so here goes (and hopefully the person who messaged me will see it here).

I woke up today with this question awaiting me: “What should I say to those who think I have offended other Godspouses, and say I don’t deserve my God’s love?”

So I’m going to be very blunt: if those other godspouses and people harassing you are on tumblr, tell them to fuck off or just ignore them. I’ve yet to see anything spiritually sensible or mature come out of that cesspool.

Secondly, if they’re not on tumblr, still tell them to fuck off. It is the height of hubris, not to mention egotistical cruelty to tell someone that they don’t deserve their own God’s love. None of us deserve to be loved by the Gods and all of us deserve to be loved by Them. It’s one of the paradoxes of the devotional relationship that one of the Holy Powers might wish to connect to us so deeply and yet that is exactly what happens. Being loved by the Gods isn’t a matter of worth. That’s Calvinist crap right there. The Gods love us perhaps simply because we are Theirs. The only Being that has any right whatsoever to comment on how your Gods feel about you is the Gods Themselves.

I’ve seen a lot of absolute and utter horse shit being written about being a ‘godspouse’ and I’m coming to think that most of it is written by people who don’t have the faintest fucking clue but who very much want to be special snowflakes. More to the point, if you have a god spouse who gets annoyed, well that god spouse can just put on their big girl panties and deal with it. Being a god spouse does not make you a better human being. It does not make you the arbiter of all your Gods might want. It doesn’t even make you a decent person. What does it make you, if you’re actually what you claim? Someone in the deepest kind of emotional relationship with a God, not the best kind, not even the most effective kind of relationship, but one that is intimately bound up with your emotional body as a human being. It makes you one perfectly placed to serve as hands and heart of that Deity on this world but if you don’t understand that the core of the relationship is service to your God than you’re a piss poor godspouse in my opinion. If you think being a godspouse somehow elevates you above all other devotees: ditto. And if you’re telling someone that their own God doesn’t love them and that such a person doesn’t deserve to beloved, you’re an utter piece of shit as a human being.

So to my morning questioner, how should you respond? Let me give you a visual aid that you may feel free to pass on to all of those who spread such utter crap:

kid giving the finger


Our Gods deserve better than this. Grow the hell up, people. Grow the hell up.


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  1. Lately I’ve been receiving divination saying that Dionysos wants me to get to know him more. I doubt it will ever land in Godspouse territory, but still, it’s deepening the relationship other than the acquaintance. Once I asked in a Divination, what Dionysos wanted of me. The answer was “To set you free.” These days I ask myself “Why? Why should He care?” I’m just a Schmoe trying to get through life especially now I’m in my 40’s. I’m just following the parade that is His retinue.

    I try to focus on Ariadne at times like these. She’s -The- Godspouse of Dionysos. Let’s face it, I’m willing to bet she never felt like she “deserved” the love of any man let alone a God after all she’s been through. But she’s Dionysos’s main wife. Some stories had Him going to the Underworld and back for her! If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. May she always be hailed!

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  2. This is why I think you’re awesome, Galina. Posts like this where you express so well what really needs to be said but which people are just too afraid to say for fear of sounding offensive.

    In my experience the gods don’t have time or patience whatsoever for human gossip/drama such as is found in the tumblr-sphere etc. To think they’d get involved in petty drama or gossip is absurd.

    I remember clearly one time I complained to a god when I thought someone was being ‘mean’ (the truth was that they were harsh with me for my own good, some years ago) and I was told very bluntly to grow up. Lol, I learned that lesson pretty quickly.

    Great post, in any case, and I hope the person who left the message gets to read it.

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  3. moonfire2012

    I’m that person, and I’m just going to come out and say it. I’ve been too shy to approach you before Galina, but the angry headspace I was in last night lowered my inhibitions. I really appreciate your advice, and I have already blocked two of the women who were harassing me online. One of them, a total stranger I’ve never even seen the name of before who knows that circle of women who have obtained a larger gathering over the last four years, confronted me in the Lokeans and Allies Ice Cream group and started grilling me about my relationship with Loki. She wouldn’t listen to a word I said and told me “if you’re not sure He wanted the cyberwedding(which I tried to explain to her I did, and it was confirmed by others) then I shouldn’t have done it. That Loki had not consented to it. There is a woman who is no longer in the Heathen sphere who used to be a Lokiwife(or so she said…she changed religions like underwear every couple of months) who turned on me when we’d been friends previous to that and did a niding pole curse on me with another Lokiwife who has tried to invalidate my experiences. that she had a temporary kindred with. She tried gathering 50 other people in cyberspace, but only a few of them showed up. Probably because they knew how absurd it was. This is one reason I’m getting off Facebook. It isn’t Tumblr I’ve had problems with, but FB and WordPress. I have a blog, but it has been private for a few months because I just don’t want to deal with people. What happens between me and Loki stays with me and Loki, unless one of my friends asks. I have other godspouse friends who are mature, loving, and supportive. I am very thankful for that. I was just at a low point last night because a few people decided to stir the shit pot again. Last year, there was another new Lokiwife who butted heads with me. I admit part of the drama was me being jealous of their claimed experiences, because I felt like mine weren’t as exciting or involved as theirs. But at the same time, they didn’t believe what I’d experienced either. I also had a bad experience with a false horse who I will not name, who made me believe Loki was snubbing me for other women and played favorites. My godphone is not as good as others, but I get messages through dreams, signs, sometimes words, the showing of runes and other things, like forces taking over my electronics and various domestic objects. Also things going missing. Loki can be very physical when He wants to to get your attention, like the time He rattled my knitting needles in a cannister right in front of me, and tapping on a candle holder at night scaring me out of my skin. I love my God madly, and would do anything for HIm. He has told me Himself not to let those people get to me, and that He loves me too. He also told me to avoid gossip, and that’s one reason I’m abandoning most social networks except for the few friends I have. I don’t want to let HIm down, or stunt my spiritual growth. I’ve learned a lot these last four years in my continuing journey with HIm. Mostly I’ve learned how not to be.


  4. moonfire2012

    Correction, it was in the Sigyn’s Shrine group. But there have been heated discussions in the Allies one too.


  5. moonfire2012

    The moderator of that group posted a warning after that, and I blocked that woman. I’ve also deleted my account so I don’t have to deal with any drama anymore. I’m concentrating on my relationship with Loki and self care. Not that I’m not talking to ANYBODY anymore, but I’m narrowing my interactions to friends through email. I should have done this years ago. But no more social networks except my ETSY where I make sacred items for sale.


    • Yeah this is part of the reason why I hate social media. I tend to stick to here and Bacchic Underground.


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