Fundraising for Cards

I’m fundraising for three prayer cards: 

  1. Helios by Grace Palmer

Folks requested this one and I listened. Now I need to come up with $450 to pay for it. I’ve seen the thumbnail image– it’s going to be an awesome card, folks. 

2. Menulis, the LIthuanian moon God

I’ve had many requests for Slavic Deities and don’t want to forget the Lithuanian ones as well. this is part of the Lithuanian series that includes Gabija, Saule, Medeine. The art for this card is by Basil Blake and it matches Saule’s card pretty well. It’s costing $100 (includes printing)

3. Phanes

Greek texts mention Phanes (Eros) as one of the first Deities, the embodiment of the primordial urge that sets creation in motion. Again, I’ve had requests for this and need to raise $300 (includes, as always, printing). I’ve seen the artwork by  Wayne McMillan and it is breathtaking. 

Anyone interested in donating should contact me at krasskova at or paypal directly to (please let me know which card you’re sponsoring and your email). 

Anyone sponsoring a card will receive six free cards, a setting of lights and a small free gift. 

If you sponsor a card fully, you’ll receive all of that plus a year’s subscription to Walking the Worlds. If you already are subscribed, I can extend your subscription another year or you may have your choice of a number of my books. 


EDIT and UPDATE as of June 4

Here is a sneak peak at the Helios card. Grace Palmer graciously allowed me to post this thumbnail sketch. It’s a rough outline of what the final piece will look like. Of course the final version will be detailed and in color, but this gives you a sense of scale and composition. 

Helios FullSizeRender-2

EDIT and UPDATE as of June 3:

This is a sneak peak at the Phanes card. Please help me make this one happen, folks.





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  1. Just sent you some money for the Helios card 😉


  2. I’m so thrilled to see the Helios card honestly.


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