I’ve been mostly offline for the past week. It was only yesterday, when I received an email from a friend mentioning Orlando that I learned something horrible must have happened. I asked for clarification (I didn’t have enough internet access to research it myself) and I learned that yes, something horrible had indeed happened: one of, if not the worst mass shooting in U.S. History: an LGBTQ club in Orlando Florida was attacked by a lone gunman claiming allegience with Daesh. Fifty people are dead and at least fifty-three wounded.

My thoughts and prayers are with their spirits at this time, that they may journey swiftly to the healing arms of their ancestors.

My thoughts and prayers are with their families and the LGBTQ community at this time.

the LGBTQ community is fighting for the right to live their lives in peace…what President Obama termed their Civil Rights and this is the response from a man who is little more than a small minded human stain (the shooter): a massacre. Nor was this the only attempted attack on the LGBTQ community in recent weeks…and politicians turn these deaths into a circus.

God damn it we are better than this as a people. We need to be better than this.

and..that is all I have to say right now.




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  1. Did something not come through entirely in your post? Who is the man who is the small-minded human stain? It’s not exactly clear from your post…

    In any case, just wondering, because at present, it reads like Obama is said individual, since he’s the only person you mentioned by name herein.


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