Fundraising for more cards

I have seven cards currently being printed. It costs $50 per set so if anyone would like to donate to the printing, i will send you six cards in return.

I’ve also just sponsored a card for the duergar Andvari, who has a small cultus today amongst NT folks. If anyone would like to help sponsor His card, it will cost $400 not counting printing costs (I’m covering printing out of pocket for this one).

Likewise, you’ll receive six cards of your choice and here, a setting of lights. Any little bit helps.

Please contact me at if you’re interested or paypal me directly at PLease please put your emails and which card it’s for in the comments at paypal. often paypal does not give me any email addy.

I also have cards for Logi and Asteria in progress ($200/each), that require funding.



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  1. When will the Phanes card be available?


  2. ganglerisgrove

    Not sure yet, Rede Seeker.


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