New Stuff at My Etsy Shop and Card Fundraising

I’m running a sale on my paintings on my Etsy shop. i’ve marked them all down by at least $100 and in some cases more. I’ll keep it that way for the next month so if you’ve been eyeing one, now’s your chance. 

By the end of the day I shall also have uploaded all of the new prayer cards. 

Speaking of which, the following cards still need funding: 

Asteria (Hekate’s mother)

Logi (god of hungry flame)

Andvari (duergar god of craft and money)

I’m sure I have more outstanding too but those are the ones I’m fixated on now LOL (I just had eight cards printed. Even I can’t keep track sometimes!). If you are interested in donating to any of these cards, please contact me at krasskova @ In return, you receive a setting of lights, six prayer cards of your choice, and credit on the back of the card. I’ll also throw in a surprise gift when I mail you your cards. 

Andvari especially was very much beloved by my adopted Mom and He has been gaining quite a bit of cultus over the past decade. I’d like to see Him honored with His own card. Anything sold at Etsy this month is likewise going toward the cards. 


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  1. Just sent a contribution via PayPal for the Andvari card.


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