Polytheism has always been International

So Rhyd must be trying to raise donations on his patreon account. I’d just been thinking, it’s time for him to start another controversy—his donations are down—and lo and behold a friend sent me this today.(1) 

Rhyd thinks he discovered Europe. How colonial of him.

Sweetie, polytheists have been networking with our European cousins for thirty plus years. Glad you could finally join the game. Just because we think you happen to be full of shit, doesn’t mean we’re isolationist.(2)

Heathenry and Asatru have (for longer than I’ve been Heathen so we’re talking well over thirty years) communicated with and networked with groups in Iceland, Scandinavia, and Germany. I have worked with Asatru Ring Frankfurt and my Northern Tradition colleague Raven Kaldera has lectured and traveled all over continental Europe. Hell, his NT series sells as well in Russia as it does here in the states (and that’s saying something). I and other Heathens have lectured all over Europe, my last in London a couple of years ago. The PLC—remember that? It’s what gave Rhyd and Co. the idea for MGW—was an international event. We had a rather large delegation from Greece. My Friends of Mani is international and so is my husband’s tradition. Most polytheists I know have ties in some way, shape, or form to our European co-religionists. To us, that’s just the way polytheism works. We live in the age of the internet, the age of air travel. We communicate and inspire each other. This should not surprise anyone. I’m just surprised Rhyd is only now figuring this out but I guess like everything else, we polytheists got there first. Sorry, dude.



  1. You can track these things. Check it out here. His patreon is down -4.44% from last month. You can’t make this shit up.
  2. Though I do note that Rhyd didn’t allow comments on his blog–how isolationist of him. tsk tsk



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  1. ywendragoneye

    Right?? I have been corresponding with a Druid in England for going on twenty years now. A ridiculous show of importance.


  2. Virginia carper

    I didn’t know that he registered his site, etc as a non-profit. That means he is corporate. Nonprofit corporation, but corporate. That carries import. Such as his group is going beyond the usual blogging. Small wonder he gets defensive when we point out his incongruity.


  3. The Troth and the AFA have had chapters in Europe for nearly as long as they’ve been around. Yet another example of Rhyd’s tool-dom.

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  4. Aw, he’s acting like millenials who think they did it first. Isn’t that cute?

    I’ve been well aware for over 20 years of the international community, and many others had connections that went back far longer. I’ve been lucky to visit with polytheists in Germany, Denmark and England personally myself and been in correspondance with others around the world for all those years too.


  5. Reading this cracked me up. He JUST figured out there are people in Europe who believe similarly? I almost feel bad for him. That’s been common knowledge for quite a while.


  6. It’s really American of him to think this way and it has bothered me previously that his writing automatically lumps me into “US polytheism” (again how colonial). For me it’s always been international as… I’m not American. Like others I’ve been in correspondence with Europeans as well as US, even some folk in Asia who practice Hellenic Polytheism since I begun, something like 16 years ago…


  7. Goodness, Nova Roma which has been around at least 15 years has a great many folks in Europe and elsewhere. A lot of their members are European and hold Roman rituals, which they show and discuss omens, etc.


  8. Richard Norris

    I wonder if this is still going to maintain its humorous nature after Rhyd’s trip is over and he’s laid the groundwork for Many Gods Europe.


  9. Richard Norris

    Also, apparently that non-Capitalist free floating Bard is putting his personal writing at Paganarch behind a damned pay-wall, so if you want to pick apart his nonsense now you have to pay him first.


  10. Richard Norris

    This also includes previous writing on the site, so the link above to Paganarch isn’t working.


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