Honoring One of the Bacchic Multitude

 I live with a Dionysian and over the years of our relationship, I’ve happily participated in rituals to Dionysos (I venerated Him before Sannion and I met), and likewise in honoring members of the Bacchic retinue.(1) Today is the feast day of one of that retinue: Jim Morrison.

It’s odd for me to be pouring out offerings to a rock singer. I never listened to rock or pop music until I was in my thirties. No, I shit y’all not. I was a ballet dancer through my twenties (professionally) and my tastes tended solely toward classical with a bit of Nordic revival like Garmarna and Hednigarna thrown in for good measure. Occasionally a friend would introduce me to a new singer (I had a housemate who loved Loreena McKennit and Tori Amos, for instance) but on my own I stuck with what I knew and that was classical.

Then my adopted mom started broadening my musical horizons. She was classically trained at the Basel Conservatory of Music, but she had different favorite composers than I. She also listened to Meatloaf, Eminem, and other modern musicians to name but a few. It was rather surreal to look through her cd collection and see it go from Mozart to Dufay to Palestrina to Swiss folk music to Eminem (she always said he had a sense of rhythm that classical musicians could envy). Then my friend Mary Ann and I went on a couple of road trips and she picked the music we listened to and I found new styles and performers to like (the Dukhs, Johnnie Cash, Devil Doll, et al); and then I married a Dionysian with an incredibly varied musical taste and he began sharing his favorites with me, musicians like Sorne, Michael Gira, and Jim Morrison.

Many modern Dionysians venerate Morrison as one of the Dionysian retinue and the singer in his own life talked about Dionysos quite a lot. Likewise, he very much embodies not just the raw creativity and sexuality of one blessed by Dionysos but the trope that ‘it’s better to burn up than fade away,’ rather like a Dionysian Achilles. I’ve seen how very present he can be both in divinatory work and in rituals. When the retinue of Dionysos is honored, he is often very present.

Today is the anniversary of this death so we’re making offerings in my house to Dionysos’ favored son. People who tear holes in the world for our Gods are important. (2) It is right they be honored. That is all. Hail the Lizard King.



1.     1. Just as he occasionally joins me in honoring the Norse Gods, or in ancestor rites.

2.     2. In many ways they matter not as individuals, not for their personal characteristics or humanity but for the legacy they leave, the doors they open, especially for the doors they open through which the Gods can work, through which They can contaminate us all. They are there for the gods to use them up and we are made better as a species for it. Like shamans, our artists and holy people are curatives to the poison of our world. They’re carriers of something so much bigger than they themselves.


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  1. Richard Norris

    Candle lit, and whisky poured.


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