Contest (there is a prize!) and Fundraising

Fundraising for Cards

As I mentioned earlier today, I’m fundraising for a Hypnos card, and i also want to start fundraising for an Asklepius card. If anyone wishes to contribute to making these cards possible, please contact me at krasskova at 


Additionally, I want to run a small contest. As a thank you to Asklepius for helping my husband through his recent surgery, I’m putting together a small, pocket-sized prayer book — really more of a small chapbook containing an extensive novena to this God of healing. 

I need a title! So, since I can’t think of one, I want to run a contest: please submit your suggestions for a title to my email above. Today is the 4th; on July 10, at midnight EST, I”ll put all of the suggestions in a bowl, prayer to Asklepius, and divine on which He wishes. The winner will be announced that night.

The winner will receive a copy of the prayer chapbook for free when it comes out and one prayer card of his/her choice.

Help. LOL. I’m totally stumped on a title. 


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  1. “I will enter to help the sick…”
    From the Hippocratic Oath


  2. “Grace of Asklepios” or “Asklepios’s Grace”.


  3. songofscotland

    “To Rejuvenate and Nourish”?


  4. The Serpent and the Rod,a,Novena for the God of Healing


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