Fundraising – New Prayer Cards Need Your Help

So I’m fundraising for several cards right now: 

  1. Andvari 
  2. Cernunnos 
  3. Asklepius
  4. Logi
  5. Asteria
  6. Hypnos

(many thanks to those who have donated 🙂 It is much appreciated).

If you’d like to donate, please contact me at krasskova at or paypal me at (but then email me—paypal is a pain and sometimes strips notes and other info). 

In return, if you donate $1-50, you’ll get six cards of your choice and a setting of lights. If you get $51+ that plus a year’s subscription to WTW. Also, of course, you’ll receive credit on the back of the card (with the exception of donations that come in after it’s been sent to print. In these cases, I”ll add your name on the second print run). 

Upcoming fully sponsored cards include Semele, Ran, and Aegir.



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