Eventually, We’re All Going to Have to Choose

This is a very insightful article. It sums up quite nicely why I’m at best deeply suspicious of globalism and at worst adamantly opposed to it. Erasure by any other name, my friends, is still erasure. (and no, I do NOT support Trump. I am however tribalist or as Helson calls it nativist and I think it’s a good thing. diversity actually is a very good thing). read the whole thing here:

Son of Hel

In Paganism, there are many discussions, but perhaps one of the ones dearest to my heart is the discussion of Universalism vs “Folkism.” Are religions for everyone who is called to them, or are they only for a select group. It’s a question that doesn’t have easy answers.

Most of us are familiar with the Abrahamic religions of Christianity and Islam…both of which are extremely universality. Sometimes violently so, forcing people to join them regardless of race, gender, etc. The Message is for Everyone. On the other hand, most of us are also familiar with Judaism, the first of the Abrahamic religions, which is…insanely Folkish. The Covenant IS NOT for Everyone. I spent close to six years of my childhood working to convert to Orthodox Judaism and was ultimately rejected (which was good, because pretty early on I realized it wasn’t for me, but everyone is also familiar with a…

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