The Polytheism issue of “Witches and Pagans”: Go buy it now! ^_^

wp32cover1aThe current issue of BBI Media’s “Witches and Pagans” is all about polytheism and it is awesome. (1)

Of particular note is the article “Polycentric Polytheism” by Dr. Edward Butler. If I could hold every single Polytheist and Pagan in the world down and make them read this article, I would. Hell, I’d happily hold down every academic working in Classics or Religious Studies and make them read it if I could. It’s positively brilliant and provides a solid and thought provoking philosophy of polytheism that is both spot on and terrifyingly elegant.

I highly suggest picking up a copy of this issue just for Edward’s article. Read it, share it, discuss it, contact him and discuss it some more. It’s a very, very important piece.



1. Despite having the occasional article by authors who have no business writing anything whatsoever about polytheism, it is an outstanding issue.


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  1. I will not buy “Witches and Pagans” magazine for a variety of reasons. Especially any issue that has any content by Gus DiZerga.


    • ganglerisgrove

      DiZerega is one of those authors i was thinking of when I said some of the contributors have no business whatsoever writing about polytheism.

      Maybe Edward will post his article on his blog. 🙂


  2. Was Edward’s article the one he already published (both as an article in–I think–Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft, as well as in his first book of collected essays)? Or, a scaled-back version of it?

    I’m also not impressed with the line-up of some of the other authors. I was going to have an article in there (this one), but due to some conflicts on certain matters, I opted out of it.

    Also, a long while back you asked me to let you know if I ever found the Lorica Hadriani again. Well, good news: I did! 😉


  3. My article that got published was for another issue. The Roman article for this issue was delayed because the illustrator had family problems. So another polytheist article will be published sometime in the future.

    I couldn’t understand what Gus Dz was doing in a polytheistic focus magazine other than putting his oar in where it doesn’t belong. Or Anne didn’t have enough articles or that they were delayed because of illustrator problems.

    One thing that struck me about the definitions of polytheisms (i.e. devotional, relational, etc) didn’t sit well. It was only when PVSL explained it in his long blog on devotion that it finally clicked what the problem was. The author and others (esp. Pathetic blogs) want to place polytheism into the meta framework of monotheism. The guiding story for Guz and others is the overlay of monotheism in their Paganism. It seems to be natural to them as breathing.
    These Pagans including militant atheists and marxists seem to have monotheism be the meta structure in which they frame their beliefs. Although, they would be the first to deny it, they have the monotheistic tendency to “tell other folks how to live their lives” in order for them to be comfortable in their own life.

    To paraphrase an old saw: “Monotheists (and Pagans) are from Jupiter. Polytheists are from another universe.” We are alien to them to the point where we have to be defined in order for them to have some control over the interactions with us.


  4. Edward P. Butler

    PSVL: My article for W&P is completely new for this issue, an attempt to explain polycentric polytheism for a more popular audience.

    As for posting the piece on my blog, I am thinking that out of respect for W&P I will not post it until the next issue of W&P comes out. When I do, I will probably post the original version of the article, prior to the editor’s revisions. (I had no problem with her edits, to be clear; it will just be convenient for me to post the version I have on hand.)

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