Monotheist Acts of Terrorism. This week: Munich

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Germany, particularly Munich today. In the past week there have been two attacks, today’s is still technically on-going. This sickens me to my soul and there is nothing politically correct or kind that I can say about the shooters and the cause of these shootings. I’ll leave all of that perhaps for another post. I’m sure I will have opportunity to do so. next week. and the week after. and the week after that. 

I’ve spent a good deal of time in Germany. I very much love the people and the culture. Munich is a gorgeous city, cultured, friendly, and one of the last I visited with my mother. That such terror should happen there (or anywhere for that matter, but this hits close to home) makes my soul bleed. 

I hope this particular attack will be quelled quickly with no further loss of innocent life. May the Gods of Germany watch over the German people. 




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  1. Munich has always called to me. Seems like every time I think I’ve finally got enough saved up, something goes wrong and the money has to go for medical bills, car repairs, or what have you. Haven’t made it there yet. My heart goes out to the families of all victims. May they find healing.

    In fairness, we don’t actually know yet who is responsible, although it is certainly in the Islamic State’s style.


  2. ganglerisgrove

    nor do they have the type of weird fundamentalist christianity in Germany that we have here. Here, yeah, ok. it could be christian terrorism but in Munich, come on.

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  3. ganglerisgrove

    true, edward, but in this case at least one of the witnesses (a mother with her children who was herself muslim) said the attacker yelled Allahu akhbar.

    I have a lot of friends in Germany. I’m hoping everyone is ok. I have very strong feelings about this which i’m not going to discuss here aside from saying that I hope they start taking a page from Switzerland’s book.

    this particular thing may yet turn out to be unrelated to D*esh but i’ll be surprised if that’s the case.


  4. ganglerisgrove

    I hope y’all are right and this isn’t more radical islamic terrorism. I really do. I gotta get offline for a bit. I just read about Christian attacks 9and the destruction of) an indigenous temple in Mexico. I”m so sick of monotheism I just want to burn down the world.

    So…time to get my ass offline and away from the news for a bit. Be well, folks. don’t let the poison get too deep inside.


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