Polytheism and the Secular Salvation Doctrine

i never thought i’d reblog something from an anarchist but this is actually a very insightful piece by a polytheist who happens to be an anarchist. This is worth a read, folks.


If political orientations look more like a torus than a spectrum, then I’m directly across the doughnut hole from centrism, and a touch to the left. But I don’t call myself a leftist anymore – nor “progressive” or “liberal” – and here’s why.

In  his book After Progress, John Michael Greer outlines a position that I was introduced to by John Gray in Straw Dogs: that materialist humanism peddles a story of human destiny that looks a hell of a lot like that of Christianity and other world-denying religions. Namely, that it is a salvation doctrine: a promissory narrative that outlines how humankind is destined for “bigger” and/or “better”, that some event or chain thereof in the future will emancipate us from mortal suffering, and all will be well thereafter. But until then, the struggle against evil is paramount, and this evil has the power to thwart us in…

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