Reminder about the Apollo Contest

For a God to whom I am not devoted, Apollo sure has gotten a great deal of my attention of late and i’m ok with that. 🙂 It’s just rather surreal at times. 

Anyway, i want to remind folks about the contest I’m running. Win free stuff. lol. 

Here’s what I said in the original post: 


Ok, so the main statue that I have of Apollo on the household shrine to the Healing Gods was mildly damaged (He’s supposed to be holding a bow but it’s broken off) so I decided to replace it. I did that and then got overly enthusiastic, forgot I did it (even though I tend that shrine regularly), and bought the same statue again. As I was lamenting this, I thought that it could work to good advantage and make more prayers for Apollo so I decided to run this contest.

I’ll keep this open until 9pm EST August 10, 2016, at which time I’ll do divination with Apollo to determine the winner. Everyone else will receive a prayer card of their choice – let me know when you email me the prayer which you want and include your address. I’ll send those out early.

Here’s the deal:

Contribute a prayer or poem for Apollo. Email them to me at Krasskova at I will post them here and on Aug. 10 divine on the winner. That’s all there is to it.

Consider, however, also submitting them to Melia’s devotional for Apollo. Information can be found here. It’s good to have more prayers for our Gods.:)


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