Shout out #3 to Prayer Card Artists

Brandon has the honor of having created the very first prayer card in the collection, a card of Mani for which I have the original icon. You might find his artist’s bio strange coming from me, but I know him personally and he walks his very respectful talk. 

Moon Flautist

“Brandon E. Hardy is a spiritworker and follower of Jesus, but has not found it to be an exclusive relationship. He creates devotional art with the intent of returning even a few likenesses of the Gods to Their devotees after the many centuries of destruction done by Christians. Some of his art can be found on a far-too-infrequently updated DeviantArt profile here and due to the nature of his work he takes commissions on a widely sliding scale, including barter.”

(the very first prayer card, Brandon’s “Mani.” One day soon, i’ll get around to having a card made of his icon of Mani and Unn. It’s currently sitting beneath my Mani shrine, in a place of honor. Must. take. to. printer. :))


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  1. I’m really rather fond of Brandon’s “Mani”…if you need help with funding a Mani and Unn prayer card by this artist let me know.


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