A Polytheist Artist Proposition…

Markos Gage, the Dionysian Artist has written a powerful call to creative and  artistic arms here. He talks about the importance of art, the jadedness that comes of being saturated to overflowing with crap mainstream images, and the possibility that we can reverse this trend, offering us the rallying cry:”Maybe, just maybe, if we can work together to produce good art for our gods we can break the jadedness of mainstream culture…”

Food for thought, folks. food for thought. This is partly why I’m so committed to my prayer card project. 


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  1. Yes! Also why I love glamourbombing – it’s specifically intended to break the jadedness of the viewer and engage them in magical thinking, in the best sense of the term.

    I realized the other day that one thing that really bothers me about hipsters is that everything is ironic, nothing seems genuinely felt, there is no real passion there. I think we as polytheists should be trying to counteract that through any means possible, art being a big one. Our interactions with the divine are real and vital and meaningful, everything that’s sorely missing from most of mainstream culture these days.


  2. Your prayer card project has introduced me to Gods and Goddesses I have never heard about before and have made me feel closer to the Muses (especially Erato). So, yes, art is very important.


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