Forthcoming Prayer Cards

I have several prayer cards in progress. All of them still need fundraising and most need a prayer too. Check it out: 


Cernunnos by Basil Blake 

(needs $50 for printing. I also need a prayer for this card)

hypnos drawing

Hypnos by Grace Palmer

(this is the detailed sketch. The finished will be in color. This one is specifically created as a match for Thanatos. $400 still outstanding to pay the artist)


Mars by Lykeia

($50 for printing needed)


Diana Nemoriensis by Lykeia

($50 for printing needed)

better jupter

and finally, Jupiter by Lykeia

($50 outstanding needed for printing)

If anyone can donate toward these cards, it would be much appreciated. Contributors up to $50 will receive six prayer cards of their choice and a setting of lights. Over $50, that plus a year subscription to Walking the Worlds journal. It’s important to bring images of our Gods back into being. Please help make that happen. 


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  1. These are so beautiful!


  2. These are gorgeous. I would love to contribute to getting the Diana Nemoriensis card printed -how may I do so?

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  3. ganglerisgrove

    that would be awesome, Petros. (I’m just hitting my email now and was about to contact you). Mars needs some love too. 🙂 thank you!


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