31 Days of Devotion: day 1

I’ve been delighted to see several people doing the 31 days of devotion — far too many for me to reblog here! Im reading as many as I can and learning a lot of new things. It’s very cool.

Since i’ve still got the Apollo contest going on though, I decided to share this about His mother. I didn’t know anything about Her so I’m really glad Lykeia chose to explore Leto for this project. (I’ve also seen Antinous, Hermes, Hestia, Tyr, Lugh, the Tetrad+++…folks, post your pages here in the comments if you like. I think it’d be cool to share plus i’m probably missing some). Anyway, here is the page on Leto:

Beloved in Light

Basic introduction of my chosen deity

Sorry for errors in writing. I am doing this all from my phone and auto correct is my worse enemy lol.

I bet y’all think I am going to spend the next 31 days writing about beloved lord Apollon. Nope! I will be writing about his mother Leto.

Leto does not get much attention invested in her by modern worshippers and yet there is plenty of evidence that Leto had a significant cult following. While she did share in many of ghe temples of her children, Leto had her own sanctuary complexes in places such as Delos and in Lycia. A titanide (a female titan) usually overlooked as possessing a limited character and divine function as a simple divine mother figure and lauded such due to bringing forth the twins by modern standards, fails to recognize the complex nature of the goddess hailed in…

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