31 Days of Devotion: Day 1


  1. Write a Basic Introduction to Your Deity.

I’ve decided to write about the moon god Mani for this 31 day series. I’m going to keep this fairly brief and to the point since over the month, I’ll have the chance to flesh out more information about Him.

We don’t really know much about Mani. We know that He’s the moon God, the personification of the moon and that He’s mentioned in both Eddas (in the Voluspa, the Vafthrudnismal, the Grimnismal, the Alvismal, and the Gylfaginning). He’s the son of the God of time Mundilfari and the Brother of the Sun goddess Sunna (or Sol) and the Goddess Sinthgunt (who is Herself mentioned in the second Merseburg charm as the sister of Sol). He has a fascination with humanity, so much so that he adopted two neglected children, Bil and Hjuki, taking them up into the heavens with him. Mani governs the rhythms of the moon itself, driving it through the sky and hot on His heels follows the wolf Hati, who at Ragnarok may in fact destroy Him.

We don’t know Who His mother is and we don’t, at least from lore, know if He has any romantic relationships. Many modern devotees have come to the conclusion that He is close to the sea Goddess Unn, one of the daughters of Ran and Aegir. He is likewise developing a cultic following today, one that has been growing over the past decade.

There are a couple of things that can be sussed out from the knowledge we have. He is old, very old, perhaps older than any of the other Gods. He has seen the entire history of humanity stumble and bumble past and somehow still has a certain interest in our goings on and He is powerful: He and His sister keep the cosmic cycles ordered properly.

Those of us who regularly honor Him have found Him to be rather sweet and He is usually (though not always) pictured as a pale, slender man with long black hair. There is an online shrine to Him here.



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  1. I’m greatly looking forward to this, I’ve been curious about Mani for some time and life is trending in such a way that I’m being drawn into working with him.


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