Entries to the Contest for Apollo So Far…

To date, three people have submitted entries to the Apollo contest. Here they are below. The contest runs through 9pm August 10 and all contributors receive a prayer card of their choosing. There’s still time to submit, folks. If you don’t want to submit to this contest, consider sending something over to Melia, who is working on a devotional anthology to Apollo. You can read about that here.

Entry #1 by Alexeigynaix

Prayer to Apollon on the occasion of donating blood

Apollon Akesios
Apollon who heals

accept please my offering
of blood from my veins.

Apollon Epikourios
Apollon who succors

grant please my prayer
that the one who receives
this unit of blood
be swiftly healed
of their injury
or their illness
and that they take
no further harm.

Apollon Oulios
Apollon who heals

grant please my prayer
that the blood bank nurses
stay safe and healthy
and good at their jobs,
that they stay
gentle with the needle
and attentive to the donors
so that no one
comes to harm
under their care.

Apollon Alexikakos
Apollon who defends against harm

grant please my prayer
that I recover swiftly
and stay in good health
that in eight weeks
I may safely
offer this again.

I thank you.


Entry #2 by R. Demyx

Behold! Wreathed in laurel and the splendid radiance of the sun, Apollo, the Blessed One, arrives.
He who walks on gilded plains and brings forth joyous harmony with every step.
Divine Lord of the bow, we pray that you guard my journey as long as it travels under the eyes of you and your sister.
Plague and illness part before me as they part before you.
And grant me the foresight to see dangers before me.
Divine Apollo, blessed glory of the sun, I pray that you be with me.


Entry #3 By Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Hymn to the Rustic Apollo

I begin now to sing of Apollo, the brightest God on Olympos
Surely the fair-haired Muses will attend my song, and lend my words power
For Apollo is beloved of those clever Goddesses Nine
Often have They danced at the feasts of the Gods
While Golden Apollo played the lyre
And when He lay in sweet love-making with Kalliope, eldest Muse,
She conceived Orpheus, the musician-prophet.
Great Apollo is known as a God of knowledge, a severe philosophers’ God
But He has a another side long forgotten by scholars.
Sing, Muses, of the rustic Apollo, of Apollo of the fields,
The One Who prizes His herd of cattle,
Stolen by His precocious baby brother Hermes.
This Apollo is trickier, even a Trickster
(as the Fates learned when They came for Admetos)
This is the Apollo Who hunted down Pytho,
And founded His oracle on Her rotting corpse.
This is the Apollo Who flayed Marsyas –
Punishment for His hubris in challenging an Olympian.
He is far more than the brightness of the educated mind,
He is also the burning fire of senseless passion.
This is the wolf-God, the Hunter, the far-shooting
O Muses, sing again of this darker Apollo
This forgotten complement to the bright philosopher’s God.
O rustic Apollo, the shepherd’s God,
I will offer to You red beef, red wine,
And most importantly (to me at least)
The red pumping blood of my heart.


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