Prayer card updates

Just a quick update, folks. I have added the Andvari prayer card to my Etsy shop.  The cards for Jupiter, Mars, and Cernunnos have been sent to the printer. I”m currently waiting on a prayer for Diana (someone is working on it now) and I just got the finished Logi card from Halldora: 


Logi is the God of hungry flame, one of the three primordial elemental Gods along with Surt and Aegir. 

(This card is currently almost completely unsponsored. I need to raise  $200 for it. If you’re interested in donating, please contact me at krasskova at


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  1. I love Halldora’s work. Thanks for posting her links in your post about her work.


  2. Oh wow. That’s just beautiful. If the gods of Heathenry ever called to me, I’d eat that card up. Assuming they didn’t eat me first.


  3. I’ve been curious about what the Logi card would look like…beautifully done His icon is. Much more majestic than I’ve seen Him depicted before.


  4. Magnificent! Halldora’s line work is stunning. I’ll forward some money for this card after my next check arrives.


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