31 Days of Devotion – day 3 for Mani

  1. What are some Symbols and icons of this deity

Oh this one is fun! Of course with Mani being the moon God any and all images of the moon are His, in any of its phases. I also associate hour glasses with Him – He is the Son of the God of time after all—and abacuses and beads. Everyone whom I’ve ever spoken with who honors Him regularly notes this affinity for beads. Some of us think He keeps time on them, hence why His shrine is draped in beads and jangly scarves and such. Because He is the son of the God of time, and partially responsible for keeping cosmic cycles moving properly, I tend to associate time keeping devices, calendars and the like with Him, but first and foremost, moon images, or man in the moon images.



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  1. Question concerning ‘partially responsible for keeping cosmic cycles moving properly’ – where/how do you divide Mani’s responsibility from Sinthgunt’s?


    • ganglerisgrove

      With Mani and Sunna, i think it’s the cycles most closely related to our seasons, the movements that directly affect the earth, etc.


      • So, Sinthgunt oversees the macro-movements of the Cosmos; Sunna oversees the micro-movement of our specific Solar System; Mani oversees the sub-micro-movements of the Earth – a three tiered nest of movements like a high accuracy caliper (mechanical engineer speaking, if you had any doubts).

        Logically, each Solar System, by definition, would have a Sunna counterpart. A Mani counterpart would not necessarily be present.


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