New Prayer card by Halldora

So I opened my email today to find that the latest prayer card is finished and ready to send to the printer (if anyone would like to donate toward printing and artist costs please contact me at krasskova at This is the Goddess Asteria by Halldora. 



Now I need to decide what card to ask her to do next. What do you all think: 

A). a card for Magni and Modi

B). A card for Surt

C). Freya

D). Asherah

Feel free to email me or post here. 




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  1. I realize that She already has cards, but I have to say Freya. May She ever be hailed.


  2. Asteria is so beautiful! Thank you for doing a card for Asteria.

    I vote for Magni and Modi.


  3. I’m all for Magni and Modi as you know 🙂


  4. Magni and Modi and their sister Þrúðr all on one card. 🙂


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