31 Days of Devotion: Day 6 for Mani

  1. What are some Other related deities and entities associated with this deity

Well, aside from the relationships noted in yesterday’s post, which point to connections between Mani and Jord, as well as Mani and Thor, I think the most significant relationship is one that is not hinted at in the surviving lore at all, but that many people who venerate one or the other of the Holy Powers involved have sensed: Ran and Aegir’s daughter Unn.

Unn ‘s name means “frothing wave.” There is an online shrine to Her here.  We don’t know very much about Her, but many of those who honor Mani have gotten a strong sense that the Two are connected, at the very least friends if not more. There is a connection between the tides and the moon after all, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to find that the Gods associated with these things might also share a connection. Unn sings to Mani and He gives Her music back. Again, devotional experience has shown that Unn is a mathematician and the two of Them work equations back and forth, keeping time, cosmic time, seasonal time, cyclical time in tandem.

Mani also has a brother-in-law: the God Glenr, about Whom we know even less than about Unn! Glenr, Whose name means “Opening in the Clouds,” is the husband of Mani’s sister Sunna.

coyote_duran_howlingFinally, there are the two wolves that chase our moon and sun Gods, keeping Them on course (or trying to catch Them in order to bring on Ragnarok, depending on your perspective): Hati Moonchaser, and Skoll Sunchaser. Their surname is Hróðvitnisson, which marks Them as sons of Fenris (one of Fenris’ heiti is Hróðvitnir, or ‘famous wolf.’). Hati’s name means “one who hates his enemy” and Skoll’s name means ‘treachery.’ Their mother was a giantess from the Ironwood. Hati has a heiti: Mánagarm, or ‘moon hound’…and, that is all we know.


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