Apollo Contest – Entries #5 and 6

Father Apollo, God of brilliant light,
You illuminate the Cosmos with Truth.
Phoebus, watching over from the heights
As you sit at the right hand of great Zeus
Proclaiming the decrees of Supreme Right.
Apollo, in you I have found Freedom,
You have freed me from the chains of dark night.
Your arrows propel me to the kingdom
Divine, none may escape their fiery might.
Apollo, help me the Hydra to slay.
Lead me forth in my tumultuous fight,
Show me the path until you bring the day.

Apollo, illuminator of minds! Greatly do I adore you, O Archer, you who shine your revealing light into the thoughts of all who contemplate Truth. O Paean! Greatly do I praise you, you who heal the infirmities of soul which cloud the eye of reason. O Alexicacus! Greatly do I worship you, you who avert the evils which befall men who honor you. O Apollo, destroyer of falsehoods! Greatly do I reverence you, you who reveal to those who seek you the delusions they allow themselves to succumb to. O Aegletus! You, who with your Light purify us of our miasmas. O Apollo, I implore you, look favorably upon me!

(both entries are by Oliver Lightfoot)


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