Apollo Contest – Entry #7

I sit in your health, my Lord
and the world awaits your rise
to cast the world in gold
if only for a while.
In human forms you take
the image of bare chests
and smiles unrestrained –
your white teeth bared to test
the world as it runs through your veins
and pumps to your gold heart –
as all look to another day
of which you know the best.
Good king I know not of your tears,
But goodness you’ve seen mine
that fall up carefully to rest
under your soft skies.
Please promise me that I’m unbound
just waiting to shoot forward,
like all your arrows that you keep,
whose targets you hit sound.
I turn to cards that in your name
I seek soft calls of fate
for once I knew your voice indeed;
the Muses it did bait.
I know you are the sun, my lord,
I see you everyday. “But dear
please keep in mind,” you say,
clouds must arrive some day.”

By Graysen Currie


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