31 Days of Devotion – Day 7 for Mani

(oops, I’m a day behind, folks. I’ll catch up soon).

7. Discuss this Deity’s Names and epithets

This was actually a difficult challenge since not very many of them have survived, so I’m going to break this into two parts: a brief discussion of what is in the lore, and then a prayer of adoration to Mani that gives modern epithets for Him. We are, after all, at the point of restoring His cultus and that is a beautiful thing.

A list of Mani’s surviving epithets (or heiti) can be found here. Most of them refer to the moon itself, I suspect, rather than the God Mani but there is still merit here and it is equally likely that they were used as kennings for both the moon and the God. The Skaldskaparmal tells us that:

“The lunar planet is called Moon, Waxer, Waner, Year-Teller, Mock-Sun, Fengari (from a Byzantine term for moon], Glamour, Haster, Crescent, Glare.”

The original Norse for that is: “Tungl: máni, ný, nið, ártali, mulinn, fengari, glámr, skyndir, skjálgr, skrámr”

Elsewhere, (chapter 81) the Skaldskaparmal notes that one who is mad (mentally impaired not angry) is called “moon struck.” That’s about it. The lore really doesn’t tell us much here, which in a way, gives us tremendous freedom to go right to the Source in prayer, in devotion, and to build His cultus anew.

Here’s a prayer that I wrote for “Dancing in the House of the Moon,” one of my devotionals for Mani. It encapsulates modern heiti for Him, to give you a sense of this God.

28 Adorations to Mani

I adore You, Sweet Incantation of Night.
I adore You, Hati’s Fetter.
I adore You, Son of the Keeper of Time.
I adore You, Delight of Mundilfari’s House.
I adore You, Brother of Sunna.
I adore You, Nephew of Nott.
I adore You, Kin to Sinthgunt.
I adore You, Lustrous Illuminator.
I adore You, Beloved of Unn.
I adore You, Singer of Odd little Rhymes.
I adore You, Intoxicator.
I adore You, of the thirteen turnings.
I adore You, Bearer of the gleaming scimitar.
I adore You, Who sometimes shields his face.
I adore You, Ancient Splendor.
I adore You, Protector of Children.
I adore You, Solitary Singer.
I adore You, Keeper of Cycles.
I adore You, Master of Tides.
I adore You, Friend of Alfar dark and light.
I adore You, Who inspires longing.
I adore You, God of Camellias.
I adore You, Who makes the heart ache.
I adore You, Protector of the Mad.
I adore You, Beautiful as Alabaster.
I adore You, Gleaming Pearl in the body of Night.
I adore You, Master of the Abacus.
I adore You, Golden One and Beautiful.

My Adoration, I hail You. Sweetest God, ancient and beautiful. Be ever praised, Mani.


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