Magni and Modi Card Needs Sponsors

I’ve just talked to Grace Palmer and the next card is going to be Magni and Modi, Thor’s sons. Grace has already done beautiful images of Thor and His daughter Thrudr

From start to finish, the card costs $450. That includes shipping. If you have a devotional practice to Thor and His family (or even if you just like this project), please consider donating something. I can only keep this project going with your support. 

Those who donate receive six cards of their choice, and a setting of lights for donations up to $50. Anything over that receives those two perks plus a year’s subscription to Walking the Worlds Journal. Of course all sponsors get noted on the back of the card (the only exceptions are when sponsors happen after i’ve sent the card off to print. Then i try my best to note them in the second printing, when that happens). For any donations over $50 i’ll even throw in a gift certificate for a divination session (worth $80). 

If you’re interested in sponsoring (which is cool, because it means even if you aren’t an artist or poet, you can still help birth these images into being for our Gods) please contact me at krasskova at You can paypal directly to but paypal often omits messages and contact info so be sure to email me anyway with your name and mailing addy (so i can send your choice of six cards) and also to let me know your donation is for Magni and Modi. 

Be well, folks. 


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