Saying Yes

There is something of particular grace in saying ‘yes’ to our Gods and spirits. I personally think it’s a habit we should cultivate more frequently.

See the link below for Dver’s thoughts on this, a mini meditation, I think, on devotion.


“I think is why I was not used up and discarded by the spirits long ago, as so many are when they jump in like that – I did the Work. I put in the blood, sweat and tears (all rather literally) to make myself into the most useful tool for Them that I could be. Which is an ongoing process, never done. There is always a next level, always further to go…”

See full piece here: Saying Yes


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  1. ganglerisgrove

    I particularly like the bit in the comments where she points out, accurately, that: “all great things have some element of risk in them.” That is true a thousandfold with our devotions.

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