Shout Out to Prayer Card Artists: Two Graces ^_^

Grace D. Palmer is a professional illustrator who has always been drawn to myths, stories and traditions. In her imaginings of the gods, she focuses on depicting their essential connection with humanity and the historical backgrounds from which we know their worship.

She places a high priority on non-standard ideals of beauty, exploring a more diverse range of human aesthetics. Her influences include the masters of the Northern Renaissance, and early 20th century golden age illustrators.

You can see her work at her primary portfolio site, on DeviantArt, or on tumblr. She is open for commissions or for private print sales via email or messaging at either site.

cybele painting 2x4

(Here is Grace Palmer’s beautiful Cybele card)

Grace Ibor says that: “My art is a hobby more than work, per se, so the only website I have is the DeviantArt page I just set up.  I have done a few commissions for folks, so if people are interested, I’m happy to hear from them. Grace may be contacted via her deviant art page. 


(Here is Grace Ibor’s wonderful and fierce Juno Curitis)

If more people were out making art, maybe we’d have less agony in the world. Art is sacred and I am deeply grateful to each and every one of the artists working with me on this prayer card project for helping to bring more sacred images into the world. A huge thank you to you all.

(all prayer cards pictured are available for purchase here.



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  1. Two of my favorite artists in the series, and two of my favorite depictions of Goddesses!

    May the Graces continue to pour out their graces upon the Graces who are gracing our shrines and cards! (Too much Grace? Is there such a thing?–I think my grandfather is popping in now, as his younger sister was my Great Aunt Grace, and he loved to pun on her name…!?!)

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