A Further Note on Miasma

Yesterday I posted a piece on miasma and pollution and one of the comments was so insightful, so cleanly and clearly summed up the issue with respect to our communities that I sought permission of the author to pull it out and post it here as a separate piece.

“I think that some folks confuse miasma with warding and keeping the area safe. I see it as a state of mind as well. If you approach the Holy, you need to be clean body and mind. Laughing at miasma seems to me a sign of impiety.

Again impiety seems to be the norm rather than the exception. The greater Pagan community is more worried about human to human relations, and making people comfortable in an orthodox fashion. I see some of the more prominent blogging collections to be enforcing an orthodoxy which is centered on making people comfortable in themselves and their ideas. Difference is not tolerated, at least difference that would bring questioning to the community. The blogs are more to soothe people and to guide them into a leftist, social, man-centered view point.

I think piety makes people uncomfortable because it means bringing in The Other. Focusing on The Other. Since I do not think that religion is politics and politics is religion, I would have a personal problem being with a group who did. Especially when they insist that non-political Gods be political or at least define non-political Gods as political. That to me is impious, placing the human in the center and telling the Gods what They are. So I would regard such a gathering for me miasmic.

Simply because one does an impious action, doesn’t mean the Gods will smite said person. That seems to be an hold-over from the monotheistic religion of that Gods smiting people left and right. It may be an accumulation of miasma over time, that the Gods turn away from the person. It could be that They leave the person to their own devices.” (V. Carper)

Bingo: laughing at miasma is a sign of impiety. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The rest of the commentary is equally spot on. There’s a lot of food for thought here.


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  1. Laughing at miasma would be impious, but if I recall correctly there were cases where laughter itself was used to drive out…kakodaemons is the word coming to mind but I may have that wrong.

    Laughter can be apotropaic, it makes me wonder if laughter could also be used to in some cases cleanse miasma. I’ve no idea if that would work, or work in particular cases anyway.

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  2. ganglerisgrove

    Wynndark, you brought up a good point though: sometimes laughter can banish certain kinds of miasma. that’s different from laughing at concern over miasma or the idea of miasma. You gave no offense!

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  3. I have VERY strong feelings on Miasma. This is to the point that I will not approach my shrine to do devotions if I am angry or feeling “out of my head” because of medication or illness.

    And there is a REAL difference to me between the “out of head” feeling that the Theoi sometimes send me in the form of strong intuition — or even the rare vision — and that brought about by my illness and the medication it requires.

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  4. Maybe that can be a topic to cover at a latter date…How to cleanse mental miasma


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